Pining over Squirrels on National Squirrel Appreciation Day…

Every time I prepare to move to a new place, I get sad that I have to leave all my bird and squirrel friends behind. I worry about how they’re faring without the fully stocked bird feeders I had out for them.

I miss my wildlife friends.

Like this one who came to my apartment porch a few times a day.

IMG_20210125_124059922 (2)

Although, admittedly, Moon Pie was less than thrilled at the glass separating her from her potential lunch.


I’d hoped I’d moved to a place where I could see my wildlife friends return year after year, or stay all year ’round. But even if I were staying, I would lose some of my friends due to the fact that it’s legal here to shoot doves and other like birds. And that’s even more heartbreaking.

I mean, who even still kills birds like that? And why?*

Kansans, apparently. And all the out-of-state hunters they let run amok across the Kansas landscape.

So, given that it’s also National Hugging Day, send out imaginary hugs to all your wildlife friends.

And, please, if you don’t want to hug, them, fine. (It’s not a good idea to actually hug wildlife. Remember, it’s WILD life.)

Just don’t shoot them.

*Rhetorical questions, of course.

42 thoughts on “Pining over Squirrels on National Squirrel Appreciation Day…

      1. We went through that worry too. We live on property and had all kinds of feeders out for the first half our lives here. An the critters especially depended on us in the winter. But it brought problems like predators and other pests. And we always questioned the natural disruption to the eco system. So, we just try to have a clean natural environment these days. Still, we are in the path of a natural migratory flyway, and May brings lots of fascinating bird varieties. It was fun when they would stop on their way through. 🙂

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      2. Yeah, when I first moved here, I was like “Are there bears” before I put up the feeder. And I hope to have a pollinator- and wildlife friendly garden someday!

        I tend to put up the feeders for the cats, anyway…by the windows. I know I shouldn’t, but…I like to give them something to watch!

        And how cool would it be to be on a migratory flyway?!?!


  1. Your squirrel friend is such a light color! I love my squirrels dearly, and when I moved it was so sad to leave them. Now I have new ones, luckily in the mountains the squirrels seem to be out and about even in the winter😁

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    1. Yeah, and it gets worse. After a certain date, I’m considering posting up an expose on all the shenighans even local law enforcement gets up to regarding animals here. I’m not sure if I should post it up on my blog, even with my focus on animal rights and welfare, but I don’t know where else to put it, and I definitely want these issues brought to like. I might put a series up on my LinkedIn. I’ll have to see. I’ll probably start doing it after January 27th.

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      1. Yeah, every time I think “Maybe I’m being melodramatic” because I’ve been so overwhelmed and disenheartened by all that’s gone down here involving animals, I do a practicality check, and I’m like “Nope”. *wry laugh*

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    1. They are entertaining, for sure! And, yes, Moon Pie is definitely quite the hunter (toughest feral I’ve socialized, for sure) and she would make short work of all the squirrels, birds, raccoons…and dogs three times her size!…if she were allowed to roam outside (which she’s not, for the sake of wildlife). As such, she’s already used up her nine lives as a rambunctious indoor-only kitty!

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    1. Aww…I miss seeing the deer in New Mexico…I got up once here, and turned on the outside light because the neighbors’ dogs started barking, and I accidently illuminated a deer. I was like “Oh no” and I hurriedly turned the light off. I was praying that none of my gun-toting neighbours saw it!


  2. Oh wow, the squirrels where you live are white? The ones we have here in Malaysia are brown or black. They’re so much smaller and skinnier than the typical ones I’ve seen on TV though. Maybe because there’s not much food for them in the city area. Cute cat too!

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