Beware of Snapdragons!

Having a wee garden was always a maybe-someday wish…so far, it’s not to be, but it did inspire this week’s horoscopes over at Horror Tree.

Hopefully you’ll dig up some inspiration for either your garden, or your manuscripts, with these fun posts!

And, if you’re like me, and have a “brown thumb” when it comes to growing things, here’s March’s “Tarot Cards for Writing Inspiration”.

What projects do you all have lined up for Spring?

27 thoughts on “Beware of Snapdragons!

  1. The Scarlet Order Vampires have been calling to me. Like the ivy in my horoscope, it seems I can never break free from their grasp. I’ve been plotting and outlining and thinking. Hopefully that will start turning into real words on a page before long!

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      1. The conference went well. I had a great time! Let me know what info I can pass on about Arizona. It is already getting hot in the south, but my child in Flagstaff still has snow! It’s definitely a state of extremes!

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      2. Good to know about some places being cooler/cold. The main issue is internet connectivity. I need reliable internet, first and foremost–it’s why I had to leave New Mexico. Second is cost of living…and close to CA is also a factor. I’m familiar with the desert version of small towns (not a fan of higher altitudes, but I’ll deal with it if I have to), so I wouldn’t discount those. Ideally, a place with conventions/conferences, symphony/classical music and theatres, and botanical gardens and national/wilderness parks are extra perks but not dealbreakers! Feel free to respond on here or send me an email! THANKS SO MUCH!

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      3. Hint: It’s “such a fine sight to see”! Ahahahahaha! (I’m looking at the one in Tucson…I love historic structures! If you stay in that one, I’d love to hear about your experience, as I didn’t know about this one (looking it up on the internet right now). I did get to see Taliesin West and stay in the hotel, there. Sitting in the lobby, and going to T.W., was one of those experiences that feel reincarnation-familiar (Just FYI I’m of the ilk there’s a scientific explanation for the weird and quirky place the human mind is) even though it was my first time there. It was like a layering experience. I had the same feeling when I visited the UK. It was like I was coming home. Odd, I know…

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